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The best of the best will face off in a brand-new series AGT: All-Stars, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandeland host terry crew One Act has returned to crown the Ultimate All-Star. During the January 2 premiere episode, only Howie could press the golden buzzer, sending an act directly to the finals.

AGT: All-Stars first round of performance

the first action to do is bello sisters, they are on season 15 agt, He was unable to make it to the finale due to COVID-19, so he performed virtually. After their amazing and amazing performance, the judges give them a standing ovation. Howie said they represent “the epitome of women supporting women”. Simon tells the three, “It was about as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen.”

bello sisters
The Bello Sisters on ‘AGT: All-Stars. (NBC)

Anishwar Kunchala One of the cutest 7-year-olds you’ve ever seen. He is a wildlife conservationist who made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, They have an important message about saving the planet. You will not be able to take your eyes off him during his performance. Howie says, “You’re probably one of the most inspiring young people I’ve ever seen.” Heidi tells the young interlocutor that “what you just said was very touching.”

cali bevierSimon’s golden buzzer from season 11 returns to agt stage. When she was 15, she was diagnosed with a rare type of ovarian cancer. She has overcome it and is now 23 years old. she performs the first song she ever wrote AGT: All-Stars, Howie tells Callie that she “seemed a little halsey-esque.” Heidi says, “I think you nailed it.” After Callie leaves, Simon tells the judges, “That was special.”

mentalist Leos From agt Season 13 believes it is time for his redemption. He asks Heidi to join him on stage for his act. During the performance, Simon is about to press his red X. “First time you were the good idiot, this time you were the bad idiot,” says Simon. Howie strongly disagrees with him. “I think stupid is funny. I think stupid is funny,” Howie tells Leoz. Heidi’s opinion is in line with Simon’s.

janique fournier
Jeanique Fournier on ‘AGT: All-Stars’. (NBC)

Canada’s Got Talent the winner janique fournier takes the stage to perform a breathtaking version of lady gaga’s “I’ll never love again.” Heidi said that Genick is really “incredible”. Howie tells Janick that he is “proud” of her that she is from Canada and believes that things are better now than when she was on Canada’s Got Talent.

Howie Mandel delivers his golden buzzer

Light Balance Kids so far from last time agt Fans saw him in season 14. One member’s father is currently fighting the war in Ukraine. Their performances are fun, interactive, and perfect for a Vegas show. The group usually consists of 14 children, but some of them could not come due to the situation in Ukraine, so adults from Light Balance helped them.

Simon says, “It was your best performance ever.” “If anything defined an All-Star, it was performance.” Howie believes Light Balance Kids has “such a wonderful message.” He wants to help them in every possible way. He gives them his golden buzzer and sends them straight to the finale!

beatboxers berrywam made it to the quarterfinals agt And now he wants to become the world champion. Howie declares, “You’re the musician, you’re the singer, you’re the rapper.” He definitely thinks he has what it takes all Star the champion. Simon tells the group, “I think you’re better now than when we saw you a few years ago.”

Light Balance Kids
The Light Balance Kids on ‘AGT: All-Stars’. (NBC)

season 15 finalists Alan Silva Takes the competition to a whole new level with his stellar performance. He ends his performance in front of the judges. Howie stands up to applaud the great performance. Howie tells Alan, “I think that was a step up from anything we’ve ever seen you before.” Simon thinks he was “the best” he had ever seen as an aerialist act.

agt season 16 contestants jimmy herrod mesmerized the judges with her scintillating presentation of Joji’s “Our Glimpse.” His voice is truly one of a kind. “That’s how you do it,” says Simon before adding that the performance was “absolutely brilliant”. Howie makes a bold statement about Jimmy’s talent. “You are, in my opinion, the best male singer in history agthe says.

terry fatter
Terry Fator on ‘AGT: All-Stars’. (NBC)

comes from the final performance of the night agt season 2 champion terry fatter, he brings out one Elton John The puppeteer sings “Rocket Man” during his act and with the two puppets. “You’re great. You’re the OG of ventriloquists,” says Heidi. Simon revealed that he had AGT: All-Stars if terry will do it, he’s so glad terry’s back agt stage.

It’s time for the first results of AGT: All-Stars. The first act in the top 3 is that of the Bello Sisters. They are joined by Callie and Terry. Callie is eliminated first, leaving only the Bello Sisters and Terry on stage. The Bello Sisters were voted into the next round of the competition, against Terry. Simon tells the brother trio, “You just beat the best of the best.”

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