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If Your New Year’s Resolution Is To Get Fit, You’re Lucky Because These Are Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights are on sale for $21.71. Dumbbells are five pounds but they are also available from 1 pound to 60 pounds. The hand weights come in a cool neon green color and are the perfect weight and size to incorporate into your daily workouts.

Get the Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights here for $21.71.

The dumbbells have an easy-to-grip neoprene coating that allows you to grip the weight securely, plus, the weight number is clearly printed on both ends of the cap. The weights have a cool hexagon shape that allows the weights to stay in place when put down so they don’t roll away. Whether you want to use them alone for an arm exercise or you want to incorporate them into a separate workout, you can’t go wrong with these weights.


Even better, the weights have over 74,700 positive reviews and that’s because people swear by them. One user wrote, ‘Good product. We had to assemble the stand. It is made of plastic which I feel is a bit flimsy. But let’s wait and see how long it lasts. Otherwise, the dumbbells are made of a nice material that has a great grip and isn’t slippery at all. Looks lovely sitting in my hall!” Meanwhile, another customer raved, “Amazing packaging and great quality for the price.. much better than my gym!! Lovely color and love the grip!!”

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