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Robin Brown was devastated when Christine Brown announced that she would be leaving the family this season sister Wives, However, she is further hurt when Christine states that she is not having an affair with Robin and mary brown Once she left. caused entry kody brown lash out at christine, accuse her always Being a bad sister wife to Robin over the years. “Cody hasn’t yelled like that before,” admitted Christine during a one-on-one interview for the show’s Jan. 1 episode. “I was so shocked. I wasn’t being mean. I wasn’t mean to anyone. I didn’t know I was dodging like Robin [they] Said I was doing I didn’t know I was doing these things. I didn’t try to do any such thing.”

Both Janelle and Christine have been open about how they feel Cody treats Robin better than the other wives. Janelle shared, “I think she’s a little short-sighted in terms of Robin and her injury and this versus everybody else’s experience and experience.” Robyn also admitted that she found things “difficult” with Christine when she first came into the family. Robin explained, “It was snide comments, I wasn’t included in things, like telling me how things were going and pulling ranks.” “It was tough in the beginning.”

Christine Brown
Christine on the Jan. 1 episode of ‘Sister Wives. (TLC)

During his meltdown, Cody also claimed that Christine talked and complained about Janelle and Meri just as much as she did about Robin. Christine defends this during their face-to-face. “If I was disappointed with someone [I would vent to Kody],” he said. “It is not new. He did exactly the same. Not with Robin, he never complained about Robin, but he would complain to me about Mary and Janelle all the time. I thought we were just people complaining to each other. He accuses me of being mean? I’m not a mean person. Is my talking to him bad for my sisters and wives? It’s ridiculous!”

In Cody’s face-to-face interview, he reveals what disappointed him most about Christine’s decision to leave him. Cody admits that Christine put all the blame on him, which angers him the most. “I’m fine if she’s like, ‘I don’t fit here, I have to move on,'” Cody said. “But really all she’s doing is talking to me. Breaking up a marriage when you’re not in love? I get it. But to ease my guilt, she made me talk to my kids and Janelle’s kids.” Including blamed for everything. And as a result, coupled with the COVID issues, those relationships are now taken away from me. She is trying to ease her guilt by calling me a bad guy.

sister Wives
Cody Brown with his wives. (Justin Stephens / TLC)

When Christine finally walks away, the family comes together to say goodbye to Mary. However, there was a clear divide in the group, with Janelle, Christine and their kids on one side and Cody, Robin and her kids on the other. However, Robin stated that the distance was strictly due to COVID, and insisted that he would have embraced Christine if the pandemic had not still been in effect. Still, he had mixed feelings about Christine when she said goodbye. Robin explained, “It’s difficult because I stood there with the knowledge that Christine did not want a relationship with me or my children.” “Like, why am I saying goodbye if she doesn’t want to?” I wanted to show up so he could see that, even with all this rejection and his departure, no matter what, I was still there.

Robin states that she would be “willing” to move back to a better place with Christine, but acknowledges that it is Christine’s responsibility to get them there. “I want real connections with all these women,” Robin said through tears. “Before I fell in love with Cody, I fell in love with family and the culture of one big happy family. It’s something I mourn all the time because they took it away from me. It seems really unfair. I am getting angry. I get angry with all of them. I would never choose this if I had the power that everyone thinks I have. I feel cheated.”

Robyn also pointed out that she took too much blame from other women for things that weren’t her fault. “I jokingly refer to myself as Cody’s Whipping Boy,” she shared. “When he does something they don’t like, I get blamed. Maybe it’s because I’m an easy target and I have a tendency to take it for granted and not be jerky about it. I don’t fight. The face-to-face special events will continue with the third and final episode on January 8.

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