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Asphalt Hamlin friend and representative jordan rooney spoke about the condition of a Buffalo Bills player in medical care after collapsing on the field after being tackled during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday, Jan. 2. Jordan, who has been close with the NFL player for several years, said the 24-year-old Dahmer woke up briefly but was currently knocked unconscious during an appearance. good Morning America On Tuesday, January 3rd.

While Jordan didn’t talk about Dahmer’s medical condition, he did share that the family was keeping a close eye on him. “What can I say, he is fighting. He is a fighter,” he said. “He was awake. [earlier], And now he is unconscious. In such a situation, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the family. We’re honestly taking it minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour.

GMA Anchor Robin Roberts Jordan how Dahmer’s family is handling the situation. His family is remarkable. They are a tremendous group of people. they are strong. They are helpful. Obviously, they are concerned. Dummer is very close to his family,” Jordan explained.

Jordan also explained how he and Dummer became close. He said that as a Division One footballer he approached and asked about an internship because of his interest in exploring different opportunities. “He interned for me, so we just got super, super close. Together we are business partners. We collaborate on a lot of things, and we’re really good friends,” he said.

Damar is currently hospitalized after being unconscious on the field. (Shutterstock)

The family’s representative also said that while they appreciated the outpouring of support for Dahmer and his loved ones, he reminded fans that the family is still entitled to privacy. “I think it’s most important to give the family their privacy. It’s hard when you watch someone on TV or you watch someone play a sport, you don’t see them as a human being a lot of times.” “It’s a human. His family is going through a lot of difficulties at this time. I think it’s important for everyone to remember that this is an individual, and his or her family is just trying to get everything right.

Collapsed on the asphalt field after being tackled during the first quarter of a Monday Night Football game between the Bills and Bengals. He was given CPR on the field and taken to the hospital. The game was suspended after being suspended for an hour. Bill gave an update on the condition of the asphalt Twitter, “Damar Hamlin had cardiac arrest after a hit in our game vs the Bengals. His heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transferred to UC Medical Center for further testing and treatment. He is currently unconscious and listed in critical condition,” the team wrote.

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