In the past, Dylan Sprouse has expressed how thankful he is for starring in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody but that doesn’t mean his journey has always been easy. After all, as a former child star who grew up in the public eye, Dylan certainly knows how unforgiving the spotlight can be.

While Dylan has been harshly judged by critics at times, there also is no doubt that he has a lot of supporters. Many of those fans have been interested in every facet of Dylan’s life including how he transformed his body to become so jacked.

Of course, everyone knows that Dylan’s relationship with his twin brother Cole has garnered a lot of attention. In recent years, however, some people have been more interested in Dylan’s relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Barbara Palvin.

While there are some facts about Dylan and Barbara’s relationship that remain a mystery, it is clear that they both have a passion for fitness. With that in mind, it begs an obvious question, how does Barbara stay in such amazing shape?

The Truth About Barbara Palvin And Dylan Sprouse’s Relationship

In the years since Barbara Palvin rose to fame, there have been rumors that linked her to Leonardo DiCaprio, Ed Sheeran, and Niall Horan. For his part, Dylan Sprouse has been linked to Miley Cyrus and more.

Despite anyone else they were involved with in the past, Dylan and Barbara have seemed like they only have eyes for each other now. Together since 2018, Barbara and Dylan are closing in on their fifth anniversary as of the time of this writing. Since they became a couple, fans have learned a lot about Dylan and Barbara’s relationship.

Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse at an industry event
Via: Instar

After reportedly meeting at a party, Dylan slid into Barbara’s DMs, but he didn’t get a response for roughly six months. Once Barbara finally replied to Dylan, they messaged back and forth for three months and then had their first date when she flew to China to meet him.

According to Barbara, Dylan wanted to be exclusive as soon as they met, but it took her a minute to make that kind of commitment. “And then I was like, ‘OK, let’s do it.’ … I just sat down, took a deep breath, and I’m like, ‘What am I waiting for? There’s no other guy I would love more than I love him, and he’s got everything that I need.'”

Since they became a couple, Dylan and Barbara have seemed extremely happy together. After all, Barbara once heaped praise on Dylan while speaking to Vogue Australia.

“It’s not normal for me to have a boyfriend. I was single for six years,” she said. “It did pay off, I feel like I found the perfect guy. He’s very kind and gentle. … That’s what I do on my day off: I spend it with the people I love and I’m very much in love right now.”

For his part, Dylan expressed his love for Barbara when he wished her a happy birthday.

“Very proud and excited to be on this journey with you. You grow greater with each passing year and I can’t wait to see what this new chapter holds for us. I’ll save the mushy stuff for when I see you after filming 🍻 ❤️.”

Since Dylan and Barbara have been living together for a long time now, it seems clear that they are in it for the long haul.

What Is Barbara Palvin’s Workout Routine?

As a professional model, Barbara Palvin gets paid a fortune to look amazing in photos and on the catwalk. As a result, you’d probably assume that Barbara wouldn’t be shy about working out in front of strangers.

However, Barbara has said that she is too shy to work out in public. Fortunately for fans who want to understand how they can maximize their fitness regime, Barbara isn’t shy about revealing what she does to have such an amazing figure.

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First off, thanks to social media, it is clear that staying active when she isn’t in the gym plays a role in Barbara’s fitness regime. After all, Barbara has posted images of herself going on hikes and otherwise staying active.

Once Barbara hits the gym, she does a wide variety of intense exercises daily. For example, Barbara does side raises, overhead extensions, bicep curls, two-arm kettlebell swings, and push-ups during her arm workouts.

As a model, Barabara needs to have incredible abs and legs. As a result, she does “sets of side lunges, squats, lateral plyo squats, and hip extensions”. Barbara also does more basic things like sit-ups, planking, dumbbell side bends, and crunches.

Barbara Palvin on the red carpet
Via: Instar

Of course, all the work that Barbara does in the gym would be nothing if she didn’t have a healthy diet. Unfortunately, there has long been a stereotype about models not eating, However, Barbara has explained her relationship with food in the past, and it sounds great.

“To be quite honest, I don’t do cheat days or have cheat meals. I’m in a really good relationship with food. I eat really healthy most of the time, which makes me feel my best. If I feel like having a slice of pizza or cake, I have it. It’s all about balance and intuitive eating for me. Long term health is the way to go!”

Based on everything that Barbara has revealed about her fitness regime, it seems like the most important thing is that she chooses to be healthy every day.