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jojo siwa19, proudly shows off the results of her fitness progress on the last day of 2022. dance Moms The alum flaunted her toned abs in a mirror selfie wearing a crop top and black briefs, which she posted on Instagram on Dec. 31. JoJo’s post also included a picture of the sweaty teenager during a workout on January 1, 2022. In the caption, JoJo explained how she dedicated this past year to her “physical health.”

Jojo wrote, “First and last picture of 2022.” “I never take progress pictures because they make me uncomfortable… however after a year of paying a lot of attention to my physical health I am very proud of my muscles/strength!!” she added. “I literally looked like the first picture every day. Got sweaty. Happy New Year everyone!!!!”

youtuber Trisha Paytas told JoJo that she is “inspiring” in the comments section of her post. jojo’s mother jesslyn siwa, said she was “so proud” of her hardworking daughter. JoJo’s fans likewise praised JoJo for her fitness progress in 2022, and look at how amazing it is dancing with the Stars Finalist looks today.

jojo siwa
Jojo Siwa (Photo: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock)

While JoJo’s physical health improved during 2022, her love life was full of ups and downs. after he broke up with his girlfriend kylie preve JoJo started dating TikTok creator for the second time this summer avery cyrus22. They confirmed their relationship on September 12 with an adorable TikTok video of them kissing Chuck E. Cheese, followed by their red carpet debut. Alanis Morissette‘s jagged Little Pill The musical on 15 September.

But JoJo’s relationship with Avery only lasted until December, when the two stars confirmed their breakup on social media. JoJo later pointed to someone taking advantage of her stardom, claiming that she was “used for views and clout.” Fans Suspected JoJo Was Talking About Avery In Code, So Avery Spoke Up I! news To tell his side of the partition.

“From my perspective, JoJo and I left on great terms and are still friends,” she told the outlet. He added, “The relationship was very genuine and I have nothing but love for JoJo and her family.” As of this publication, JoJo has not responded to his ex-girlfriend’s comments.

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