Kanye WestK’s former business manager says he is “missing” after failing to locate him over the past few weeks to deliver legal documents to the rapper.

thomas st john – Yeh’s senior financial advisor for 18 months – is attempting to sue over lack of pay.

St. John filed court papers on December 29, requesting more time to complete the paperwork for the trial due to his apparent disappearance. us sun,

Ex-Business Manager Is Seeking $4.5 Million In Nonpayment, But Kanye Can’t Get Him To Serve

The suit, named Yeh and Yeezy LLC. As a defendant on court documents, is seeking $4.5 million.

To make matters worse, St. John and his team reportedly haven’t been able to reach any of West’s legal representatives. As it turns out, the “new law firm” identified as St. John’s was “not affiliated with” West’s new attorney, the outlet reports.

The court filing states: “We were advised of a new law firm for the defendants, but not of a specific point of contact. We subsequently learned in the news that the new attorney identified as The law firm referred to was not affiliated with the defendants.”

St. John said he also had “difficulty confirming the best current address” for the business rapper and entrepreneur.

“Accordingly, we are not able to serve the respondents through their counsel. As a general matter, we have had difficulty verifying the best current address for Kanye West.”

As of today, a case management conference was set for April 2023, the outlet reports.

Kanye West
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Fresh headlines for the mercurial rapper after a year of controversy and struggle

West has had a tough past few months, much of it his own work. Earlier this year, he was dropped from his contracts with Balenciaga and Adidas over “hateful and dangerous” comments about Jews. shadow room Reported.

Earlier this month, West reiterated on anti-Semitism, telling Alex Jones that he “likes Hitler”. Infowars web show.

The Madame Tussauds location in London has since removed its wax figure of West from public view due to controversy. independent,

shadow room It was previously reported that West’s honorary degree had been revoked over “anti-Black and anti-Semitic” comments.