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Kylie JennerThe 25-year-old made some fans nostalgic by showing off her singing skills once again in a new video, which was shared by Kardashianclips’ Instagram. The makeup mogul who previously sang a viral clip of “Rise and Shine” for her daughter Stormi4, Twirls into the microphone to sing the lyrics to “It’s Coming, It’s Coming, Yeah” on stage at an impromptu New Year’s Eve party and laughs with her sister Kendall Jenner27, who was behind him.

It is unclear whether the clip was recorded on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s night, but the beauty, who wore a dark sleeveless dress and dangling earrings, received a lot of backlash from fans after the video went public. “After Rise & Shine, Kylie just announced her 2nd single It’s Coming,” joked a fan in the comments of the post. “She’s so cool when she sings,” another shared along with two laughing emojis while a third wrote, “The fact that she’s so cool about acting silly makes it all the more hilarious.” Gonna be 😂.”

Kylie’s new clip is one of the few times she’s taken her singing skills to the public. The talented star’s “rise and shine” moment, which happened on one of her YouTube videos, has inspired many people to add audio to several different internet videos and even features of her family like Stormi and her nephews. Some members also Raj Mistri13, Put your own spin on now famous songs.

Before Kylie’s latest singing clip was published online, she shared several beautiful photos on Instagram of her getting ready to welcome 2023. She posed on a set of stairs wearing a black bodysuit with spaghetti straps and a matching fur coat. She wore her hair in an updo with dark red lipstick and accessorised with white stud earrings. “NYE,” she captioned the post.

Kylie was also spotted hanging out with Stormi, who wore a black and beige plaid coat, black tights, and black boots. She added a pair of shades as she looked down and away from the cameras as she and her mini I went on their way. Kendall, and couple Justin Biber And Hailey Bieber also joined them for the eventful night, which apparently took place in Aspen, CO.

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