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Image credits: Rachput / Backgrid

If There’s One Thing That’s Clearly Not Changing In 2023, It’s That Lori Harvey Still one of the hottest models in Hollywood! The 25-year-old showed off a sexy string bikini on a boat during her New Year’s holiday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which she documented in a photo on her Instagram Story from January 1. Lori showed off not only the two-piece swimsuit, but her incredibly fit abs as well.

Lori leaned against the railing of the boat as she showed off her red and white string bikini. step daughter of steve harvey A pair of black sunglasses were also worn. Lori’s dark brunette hair, which reached down to her hips, was styled in Jamaican braids. Lori’s abs were on full display as she leaned back, relaxed, and sunbathed as she posed for the gorgeous pic.

Lori shared more glimpses from her Brazilian vacation with her 4.9M IG followers. The model, wearing a black and white two-piece bikini, lies on a blue towel. She captured more gorgeous views from her boat ride back to Rio. Posing in front of a wall during the trip, Lori wore a beautiful silver dress.

Lori Harvey
Lori Harvey (Photo: RACHPOOT / BACKGRID)

After splitting from the actor, Lori is entering 2023 as a single woman Michael B. Jordan35. Their high-profile relationship lasted for over a year before news of their split broke in June 2022. “Michael and Lori are both completely heartbroken,” people Informed when announcing the split. “They still love each other. They had a great time together and brought out the best in each other.

Lori and Michael’s separation shocked fans as well as close friends of the former couple. “Lori and Michael’s friends were shocked when they learned they had broken up. An insider told us she thought they were a perfect couple HollywoodLife Exclusively after the breakup. “It’s really sad because everyone thought they were so cute together and looked so in love.”

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