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  • Robin Roberts anchors on ABC good Morning America,
  • He is not currently legally married, however, confirmed on 2 January that he is planning to marry Amber in 2023
  • Robin has been in a long-term committed relationship with Amber Lane for almost two decades.

good Morning America host, Robin Roberts, 62, is a successful journalist and author. She was also the first woman of color and the first LGBT woman to host the show, Jeopardy! However, when Robin isn’t busy reporting on TV or writing best-selling books, she often spends time with her partner, Amber Laign, Below is everything there is to know about him, their relationship, and their life.

robin and amber
Robin Roberts and Amber Lagan have been together since 2005. (Steven Bergman / AFF-USA.COM / MEGA)

Is Robin Roberts Married?

Although everyone has something The writer has been in a relationship with Amber for several years, they are not legally married – however, it appears that will change in 2023. on 2 january good Morning America, Robyn confirmed that she is “saying yes to marriage” this year. “We’re getting married this year,” she told the writer. Gabriel BernsteinRevealing that the couple “talked” about walking down the aisle, however, “called it off” when Amber was battling breast cancer.

Robin is in a relationship with Amber since 2005 us sun, but it was not until 2013 that Robin came out openly as LGBT. In December 2013, via Facebook, he wrote, “I am grateful for my entire family, my longtime girlfriend, Amber, and friends, as we prepare to celebrate a wonderful New Year together.”

Later, in 2014, the TV presenter came out GMA first time. Robin said, “I’m going to tell you it all, and you know because you’ve had a front row seat to a turbulent year.” “I’ve never been happier or healthier than I am now.” He later thanked his girlfriend Amber for supporting him through a “very difficult year”.

Who is Amber Laign?

Amber is not only Robin’s girlfriend, but she is also a business woman. The blonde beauty is a massage therapist as well as the founder of Plant Juice Oils, an essential oil brand. The company’s Instagram bio reads, “Natural products for busy women who want to take control of their health for the sake of their well-being.”

In addition, Amber is often seen promoting her oils on the company’s social media accounts, which hope to help women with “menopausal support.” On October 18, 2022, Amber shared a video on the account to discuss World Menopause Day. “Happy World Menopause Day. Can you believe we have a whole day?”, quipped the entrepreneur.

their relationship and what robin said

It’s important to note that both Robin and Amber are cancer survivors, as the 62-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. treatment today. and on July 18, 2022 From the heart The author took to Instagram to congratulate his girlfriend on completing her cancer treatment. “Sweet Amber complete radiation, a very important stage of her treatment! We both thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. So proud of her and all fellow thrivers for your patience and grace during challenging times. This Truly my #mondaymotivation,” Robin captioned the video of Amber ringing the bell in celebration.

Robin in 2014 the ellen degeneres show To talk about why she hasn’t come out for many years despite being with Amber since 2005. “Not everyone wants to be in the spotlight,” said the journalist. “He’s very supportive, he’s with me every step of the way.” Later, in the interview, Robin said she was thanking her medical team and friends for their support, and she also wanted to publicly thank her girlfriend Amber. “And I asked him [Amber]’I really want to say thank you.’ everyone has something,

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