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Nobody Knows What It’s Quite Like To Throw A Party In The USA Miley Cyrus And everyone’s favorite for the second year in a row bangarz The girl started the new year with her special one, Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party, on NBC. partying live with my godmother from miami, dolly parton, Miley wore the sexiest mini dress ever for the opening performance, singing “I Love Rock n’ Roll” with Dolly for the first time. With purposeful cutouts to show off her string thong, it was a kick off outfit to set the tone for the rest of the night. that tone? Hot!

Halfway through her set, Miley came out to sing 2006’s Pop Smash By Paris Hilton ‘stars are Blind’. At first, it seemed like an odd choice, as Miley came out singing the solo. Although soon after, she joined sia, and then the woman herself, Paris! Within minutes, all three women were completing the hit, which Paris actually re-released under the new name “Stars Are Blind (Paris Version)”. But the party didn’t stop there!


The song went into Miley’s act, possibly her biggest hit to date. party in the USA, which she gave a Miami twist with new songs, such as changing Britney Spears‘ Name drop for Paris. But no wardrobe malfunctions this year, so score! But Miley stayed up all night remixing. Earlier, she performed a revamped version of her latest hit, midnight sky, joined on stage by fletcherThe pair took the sex appeal up to 11 while Miley strutted her stuff in a silky silver and gold, one-shoulder flapper dress.

Earlier in the day, Miley was seen rocking a crop top paired with very comfortable cream colored sweatpants, while performing for her electric performance. The photos show Miley working hard rehearsing in Miami and clearly, all that prep time paid off! And Miley has already hinted that there will be more to come, teasing for weeks that new music will drop in 2023. She also shared what her resolution would be during the NBC A Toast to 2022! special.

“I think my resolve would be really — my instincts are very strong, but I’m not a great listener sometimes,” she told Hoda Kotb. “Dolly was telling me, her husband [Carl Thomas Dean] Says, ‘You are not hard of hearing. You are hard of hearing.’ And I think that will be my kind of resolution, not only to listen to myself, but to listen to others as well.”

In her inaugural year, Miley welcomes the new year Pete Davidsonat the height of his romance with Kim Kardashian, The night was such a huge success — including Miley’s expert recovery of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction — that she was invited back for another year. Performances included in 2022 Jack Harlow, Brandi Carlisle, Sweetieand miley’s sister Noah Cyrus. It was the start of quite the year for Miley though. While she remained mostly out of the public eye, her personal life was filled with major developments.

For one thing, Miley is coming up on her one year anniversary with boyfriend max morando, Calling her his ‘soul mate’, she was spotted out in Hollywood a few times, she was on the arm of her man, looking as blissful as you want her to be. On the other hand, looking at his mother, his family is a bit upset tish cyrus and father billy ray cyrus officially fell out of love, and the latter progressed in a pretty serious way.

Miley’s dad announces he is marrying his new girlfriend Firroz, just after the couple first hinted at their engagement on social media. But the sting of the announcement didn’t last long, as Miley’s mom tish cyrus55, dating jail break star Dominic Purcell, 52. So it looks like everyone in the Cyrus family found love in 2022. So what will 2023 bring? At least one wedding – but probably many more! Here’s wishing them all the best!

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